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Baby Danish® and Baby English®

Download Audio Tracks

Download the "Baby Danish® Numbers 1-20" track from Fluent Baby - Fluent Baby: Numbers 1-20 - Baby Danish Numbers 1-20
Download the "Baby Danish® Alphabet" track from Fluent Baby - Fluent Baby: Alphabets - Baby Danish Alphabet

T-Shirts and Other Merchandise

Find t-shirts and other merchandise for Baby Danish® at our on-line store for Baby Danish® and Baby English®.

Sample Workbook

Download printable worksheets for Baby Danish® (right-click to download PDF).
Requires Adobe Reader or compatible PDF viewer.

Workbook and Audio CD

Words and sentences you can use every day:
  • Numbers 1-20
  • Colors
  • Alphabet
  • Body
  • Shapes
  • Days of the Week
  • Seasons
  • Months of the Year
  • Animals
  • Actions
  • Food
  • On the Move
  • Places
  • Nature
  • In the House
  • Simple Sentences
100+ page workbook includes:
  • memory game
  • flash cards
  • circle game
  • completion certificates
  • body parts worksheets
  • shapes worksheets
  • colors worksheets
  • Baby Danish® fun facts

60+ minute audio CD:
  • More than 250 baby-friendly words and sentences
  • Text and pronunciations by native-speaking women
  • Vocabulary words are spoken twice in Baby Danish® and Baby English®

Bilingual CD great at home and in the car!


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